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Specializing in RESTFUL APIs, DevOps, and Linux Administration.



PHP is my bread and butter. If you need a Python, Ruby, or Go developer then I'm not your guy. I have been using PHP for over a decade, and have written many opensource libraries and tutorials for this language, allowing me to develop services quickly and efficiently. My specialty is designing and building complex platforms through the use of RESTFUL JSON API microservices that work together seamlessly.

Framework of choice is Slim and then Laravel. Previous experience with CodeIgniter.

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I have been using Linux in production for over a decade. My preferred distributions are Debian / Ubuntu, but before that, I was using CentOS. I fully switched away from windows to Linux for my personal desktops/laptops in 2012. Linux is the bedrock of what I do.

I do not support Microsoft services beyond managing office 365 for staff, and providing Microsoft compliant services on Linux servers e.g SAMBA, LDAP etc.

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I have been using AWS in production for the last 7 years and during this time I have built open source PHP packages for streamlining development in PHP and performing more advanced application logic such as spinning up servers to perform batches of work on-demand. I am very comfortable with managing accounts through the web console, and with automating deployments through the use of Terraform. Experience with EC2, S3, RDS, Cloudfront, ECR, IAM and Elastic Transcoder.

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DevOps / Docker

All software is built with Docker.

Experience of building pipelines to deploy docker-based applications, in both GitLab, and Jenkins with the use of Docker registries, Terraform and AWS EC2, ECR, ELB.

I have found that setting up pipelines for automated deployments dramatically improves the workflow of development teams.

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KVM / Proxmox

Where cloud-based hosting solutions (such as AWS) may not be desired, I can physically build, set up and manage dedicated servers that allow the deployment of virtual private servers using KVM, optionally through the use of Proxmox if an easy-to-use web-GUI is desired.

Experience with remotely setting up KVM dedicated servers on Hetzner.

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MySQL / MariaDB / PostgreSQL

I grew up using MySQL and MariaDB, but in recent years I have been switching to PostgreSQL wherever possible. I find its additional capabilities incredibly useful, but clients usually either already have MySQL databases set up, or just want MySQL for other reasons, so I fully support both. The same principles apply to both, but it's important to know the subtle differences.

Experince includes managing database through AWS RDS.

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Apache / Nginx

You will always need a webserver. Apache and Nginx are the two main choices and I'm more than happy to configure either. I prefer using Nginx for RESTful APIs, but Apache is a quick solution when having to set things up like OctoberCMS which expect to be editing an htaccess file.

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TypeScript / JavaScript

TypeScript is the second best technology to come out for the web in the last decade. The best was Docker. Being able to write Object-oriented code is a huge blessing.

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I am comfortable using both LESS and SASS, and whenever working on any personal project, I always use one or the other. I do not pitch myself as a "frontend developer" but one always ends up needing to dive into the frontend to tweak a few things.

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Geospatial & GIS

I have experience working with GeoSpatial data in both MySQL and PostgreSQL before creating various maps in MapboxGL, Google Maps, Leaflet, and Open Street Maps.

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Need a custom website, or a change to your existing website/hosting? Need your own dedicated mail server or a self-hosted Dropbox alternative? Perhaps you need a storage cluster that can store petabytes of data? If you have an IT or development problem, I probably have a solution.

Please email me at enquiries@stuart.page and review my Terms of Service ( | ). If there is anything in there that is problematic, please raise it and we can probably come to an agreed adjustment.